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Last night, I was a cross between Drew Carrey and the kid from Malcolm in the Middle. I was in a room that was either the attic of a house, or an upper room in a small church. All dark, beaten up wood, and lit with orangey lights.

I was there because I was involved in something that was either a job interview process or a play in progress - it switched a few times. At one point, I was interviewing co-ops for a programming job.

Later on, I went outside. It was winter, and there was snow on the ground, which was strange for "New Mexico", which is where I apparently was. I have no idea what New Mexico looks like, but I am pretty sure this was not it. I pushed myself off the ground, and "flew" the way I always do in dreams, close to the ground. I stopped, and realised that if I could figure out the trick, I'd be able to fly when I woke up. I tried to fly again, and just fell into the snow.

I picked myself up, and walked toward what was apparently a Christmas dinner when I woke up.
Tags: dreamtime

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