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Meme! (also GIP)

pipesdreams gave me the letter "C" - respond if you want a letter.


Me. It's a slightly silly name, with slightly silly origins. But I'm the only one I know of using it.


The stuff that makes chillies hot. I love spicy food.


'Cuz you can look right through me. (I hate musicals)


The boots pictured in the icon on this post.


My parents tried to raise me to be non-competitive - for a number of years, we were only allowed to play non-competetive board games like mountaineering. They eventually gave up on that, but I still have weirdnesses about competing for things. I generally perform worse if Im competing.l


A flavour I have little use for, whether it's the chemical version, or the real thing.


A fancy sugar delivery device.


How I make my money, and my main addiction.


One of my favourite things to do - make things. In computers, in the real world, in my head.

Corona of Thorns

A sun with a corona of thorns is one of my personal symbols.

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