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Well, it's been a surprisingly eventful weekend,

Friday night, we went to the gym for a short workout, followed by an extremely tasty dinner at Takara; great Japanese food. Then, home to write our Labyrinth journals.

Saturday, it was time for Labyrinth. Sweet, sweet Amber. The session went quite well; we actually got where night__watch wanted us to. Yog got to make a new friend, Willaim Squidanolpolous, and we learned a whole hell of a lot about the nature of the Labyrinth, which is why the journals are going to be locked for that session for a while. Then we watched the movie Labyrinth until we fell asleep. None of us made it to the end.

Today, I got more done than I would have expected. neeuqdrazil had to work today, so once night__watch and mspiggyoncrack left, and lizard had already gone, I was on my own. Usually, this means I spend the whole day overeating and playing video games.

While I played video games, I also got some stuff done. I finally sewed some buttons back onto a couple of my favourite shirts, and I set up the USB optical mouse I bought a week or so ago. The mouse is pretty nice; besides not having to worry about cleaning it, it's a bit more precise than my old mouse.

This making GIMPing a lot nicer.

Now, more dishes,then dinner.

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