Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview meme, part 9

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

1. It's obvious from photos that your new diet and workout regimen has
had fantastic results. Was there a period in which it was tough to
follow? Why?

The diet is still hard, periodically. I had to get myself to change
the patterns of the food we were eating in the house, and bringing
into the house, when I got going. We still have arguments sometimes
about food, when me trying to balance what's going into my body
clashes with what Zil wants to eat.

On the workout side, the hardest part was getting it established as a
convenient habit long enough to get hooked. Now I feel like crap when
I go too long without exercising, and a workout makes me feel better
when I'm tired and miserable, so exercise is something I actually go
looking for when I'm feeling run down. Getting myself into the gym on
days when I'm tired has always been the hardest thing. It was worse
when I was commuting on the subway every day, because I'd leave work
tired, then sleep on the subway, and cross the connection to go home
before the connection to go to the gym.

Now, leaving early just means furstration and annoyance as I fight
traffic, so laziness increases my chance of going to the gym.

2. Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ...what five songs typically
played in clubs make you wish you could cheerfully lynch the person
spinning in the booth?

Assuming that the genre being played is actually something I like?
Most recently I'm getting really fed up with DJs who don't vary thier
playlists enough. When I only go out clubbing once a month, and I
know what's coming, I begin to get annoyed.

As for specific songs? Nothing has started to bug me yet, provided
its in genre.

3. Kilt, leather pants, or a long velvet skirt?

On you? Leather pants. On me? Depends on the weather. I learned
this weekend how warm leather pants can get. The kilt is better for
anywhere I'm going to be warm, or want freedom of movement, but not
when it's below 15 C. The velvet is nice and pettable, but hard to
dance without destroying. If I had to pick one, I think I'd go with
the leather pants.

4. In what way have you changed most in the past five years?

I'm a lot more comfortable with me. I've done this in a few ways, and
there are a lot of corrolary effects, but I think it comes down to
being more comfortable with the person I am.

5. What are three books that I should read this year?

Hrm. Sarah Ash's Drakhaoul books should be up your alley - like the
Sharon Shinn books, they're romance novelly fantasy, but not so sappy
that I couldn't read them. I can't recommend Charlie Stross's science
fiction stuff enough - Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise blew me away.
Finally, I'm a big fan of matociquala's Hammered series.
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