Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview #10

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

1. why is the font in your style so large?

It doesn't look that large to me, if you mean the regular body text.
Admittedly, my LJ style is kind of optimized for browsers that aren't
internet explorer. I built it because it was how I wanted my friends
page to look when I read it. If it's annoying, you can go to LJ's
user options and turn on "view comment pages in my style" and every
comment pageyou see will be in your style, so you won't have to see
mine. :) Alternately, just add "&style=mine" to the URL for the
same effect on a one off basis.

2. what color is your hair at the moment?

A sort of slightly purpley brown.

3. how often do you go dancing?

1-2 times a month, generally.

4. do you enjoy cooking?

I love cooking!

5. do you take vitamins? if yes, which ones.

I take a mulivitamin every morning. I've started to take an extra
vitamin C tablet, too, because apparently it makes a big difference in
being able to absorb non-heme iron sources (i.e., all the non-meat ones).
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