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Worst. FetMasq. Ever.

Maybe I just had my expectations unrealistically by TOKink. But that was fucking absurd. Overcrowded and overloud, with tourists and idiots standing around chatting in the middle of the play space. I've been before and it wasn't quite that bad. We tried to play, and I couldn't get enough space to swing my arm, let alone a flogger. People posing on the equipment. Someone walked in between me and my partner, providing commentary while interfering.

We left after having been there less than an hour, including the short time dancing. I had dressed to play, so dancing didn't work out that well.

What a fucking total waste of time.

Maybe its just when we got there. Maybe it's just that it's the long weekend. Regardless, I was disappointed.
Tags: clubbing, kink, pooped_up_squawk, wtf?

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