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on cursing

A musing on swearing and exclamations.

Swearing in our culture falls, loosely, into three categories; sexual
(fuck! balls! arse!), scatological (shit!) and blasphemous (jesus
christ! oh my god!).

I have, for a while, been half-heartedly trying to change my own
cursing habits. I don't like using sexual terms as insults because,
well, people who perform fellatio, male and female genitalia,
etc. are, in general, not bad things. Those who have spent enough
time playing board games with corwin77 and I will know how
I have attempted to get around this - I come up with complicated
insults for things I do not think are pleasant ("dick-shitting hamster
botherer!", or the alt.gothic classic "corpse-felching ass-spelunker")

That tends to cover the insult side of thing, when I feel the need for
it. More frequently, though, I find myself using exclamations, and in
that, I tend to fall heavily on the blasphemous curses. As I'm not,
and have never been Christian, I don't think it makes sense for me to
be using someone else's lord and saviour to underline the intensity of
my statements. I've noticed some of my friends have managed to switch
from "my god" to "my gods" or "my goddess". And I think that's a good

But as I always say, why do something when you can over do it?
So, my plan is to try to start using more creative exclamations. I've
already got myself using "nine gods" and "seven hells" (in my mind,
hells are non-denominational and generic). It is my intent to use
more inexplicably numbered pseudo-religions references in my every day
speech as exclamations. By the Twelve Snakes, it should at least be
fun for a while!
Tags: curses!, cussing_like_a_hobo, random

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