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At least I think that was a weekend. It may have been a month
instead. It was a weekend of Good, and being just too busy to angst.


There was work. Then, there was traffic. After two hours, I finally
got home, and jumped on my bike to go pick up art supplies. Shortly
after I got home, my brother arrived, and after a bit, so did my
Lizard, and then there was Mezzetta and the associated Yumminess.


Laundry. Therapy. Spending over an hour and a half to travel what is
a 30 minute walk.

Then, role-playing!

I made my save vs. sleep and dragged my ass out - a few of us made it
to 5ive to celebrate Pixel's dwindling days of bachelorhood. After a
short while, it was determined that 5ive was less than 5un, and we
headed out, encountering Keen Folk waiting outside. Then there was
Dark Rave. I danced. And danced and danced. There was a guy who I
strongly suspect was hitting on me, who prefaced each come on with "I
don't wanna sound gay or nuthin', but...". I was amused, but not
quite impressed. Regardless, I had a fabulous night out. I know a
lot of really great people.


I stumbled home around 9, showered and changed, and then it was time
to meet mycrazyhair for yummy brunch at the Hope
St. Cafe. We decided to risk the gloomy looking skies, and wandered
over to Mt. Pleasant cemetary. I managed to remember where all my
favourite stuff is, which pleased me. We made it as far as
Mt. Pleasant Ave before we started to get worn out, and headed back.

By 3, I finally crawled off for a nap. At 5ish, I woke up, and
stumbled out to find a pipesdreams having tea with neeuqdrazil. I groggily socialized and even had a little bit
of (no caffeine) tea myself. After that, the Lizard made an awesome
dinner. There was snuggling, and Babylon Five, and then sleeeeeep.

I did not get my goat in all of this, so there will be no surprise for
the 666 party. I need to plan my ambitious evil further in advance
next time.

Today, I am tired, and have very sore triceps (when I dance, I keep
time with my arms). Tonight will, I think, be working a little late,
skipping the gym, then hopefully going to bed early.
Tags: dance, evil, goth, memento_mori, unsuccessfully_grasping_for_inspiration, update

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