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I am in a good mood.

Yes, a *good* mood. Not just not depressed. But a good mood!

I had to abuse chemicals to get into such a good mood - I had a cup of decaf coffee this afternoon, and some advil for the headache I had. I didn't sleep well last night. The chemicals gave me the energy to have a fantastic workout, though, and that, in turn, filled me with endorphins. Enough that as I went down to get changed, I had to fight back my toothy, wolfish grin (those who have seen me dance may recognize that grin). I am having alcohol to counteract the caffeine now, so that I'll be able to sleep as well as I might normally. We shall see if I end up waking up at 2, 3 and 4 am again.

In other news, I continue to tweak my workout plan. My current plan is to still do weights first on weight nights, but try for low impact cardio afterwards, instead of HIIT - that tends to give me a fantastic workout, but I get to sore to keep it up over the week. So, when I do cardio nights, I'll go nuts but on weight nights, spend more time on the cross trainer. This is important, because I've been finding that I just haven't had the energy for 20 minutes of high intensity cardio after a full weights workout, so I've been getting a lot less cardio.

I'm happy with the results I've been getting from the weights shift (i.e., not doing cardio before weights), but I need to maintain a fairly aggressive cardio plan at the same time - I still need to lose more fat to get to where I should be, as far as my doctors and nutritionist are concerned.
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