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Another night, another mood, another workout.

Yet again, the gym saves the day. I seem to be out of the pit of depression, for now - the fact that I am having upswings in mood suggests things are getting back to better. There is still brain work to do to make this state sustainable, but I am in a place where I can start to hope again.

Tonight I did my warmup and stretching. Then 20 min of cross trainer, and 10 min of kung fu forms. Then I did a one hour body combat class. And then, about 20 minutes of chi gung and meditation.

That last part means that not only did I get my endorphin fix, I got a energy back, and actually relaxed, which is not something I do easily. I'm feeling calm, and energized. Balanced.

I really must remember to do this more often.
Tags: act_now_while_supplies_last, bodyproject, spirituality
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