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Good things

  • Finally not raining and cold today.

  • I seem to have figured out the trick to sleeping - I started leaving music playing all night, and I've been sleeping like a normal person at last.

  • Someone turned up the water pressure to my shower here. Once I figured out how to avoid getting my nipples sandblasted off, I got the showerhead adjusted - the water pressure is actually high enough that the massage setting can actually massage my shoulder muscles.

  • I get to socialize with someone I don't work with today.

  • I'm doing dinner by myself tonight, so I can eat where ever the hell I want. Am thinking steakhouse.

  • Wildlife - crows, and magpies. Even the little furry things (prairie dogs?)

Now, videogames, maybe answer some more of my e-mails. Then perhaps I will go to the park across the street to do kung fu forms and jog. Perhaps whirlpool in after that.
Tags: three_good_things, update

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