Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

while I wait for things to build

Working from home today while Car is in for maintenance.

I am sitting out on my balcony, and a thunderstorm has just broken, though without wind I am out of the rain. I can hear a cat meowing for attention from a nearby balcony.

I'm in a stupid mood. Stupid because I'm feeling lonely and want-y, and at the same time withdrawn and not wanting to reach out to anyone. I'm brooding over relationships, potential relationships and needs and wants.

I am also coming down with some sort of post-Pride cooties - my throat's been getting progressively more sore all week.

So, you know what that means; time for Just. Three. Good. Things.

  1. Getting to watch the intense thunderstorm raging away two feet from my chair, even if I can't go dance naked in it.

  2. BestBuy finally admitted that they can't fix my ipod, so I'm getting store credit towards purchase of a newer, shinier ipod as soon as I can get myself in there.

  3. I may be in a bad mood, but I haven't gotten spun out again. Angst, I can deal with - it passes.

Now, back to work, as much as I want to sit here and write LJ posts instead.
Tags: three_good_things, upate, whine

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