Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

I am amused

So, a while back, I panicked when I realised Kscope hadn't cashed my cheque yet - after the stress surrounding TOKink, where our reg only arrived three days before the con, I'm a little gunshy.

I heard back from the organizer;

The hold is up with me. I will deposit the cheque tomorrow. Thanks for
getting back to me.
By the way you have the honour of being the first to register this year.

So I have the distinction of being the most organized attendee? Egads. (Or, perhaps, simply the most paranoid)

This weekend, to MEC with mycrazyhair to load up on Camping Stuff - two novice campers, one big store of shiny stuff that we may very well need! Or not! We JUST DON'T KNOW! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion. If we don't make it back, send reinforcements. Or possibly a moving truck to help haul the gear we've bought.
Tags: camping, kscope, toys

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