Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

long weekend report

Friday night I hit the gym, and had a great workout. Except for ther part where I overstrained my back, but I wouldn't find out about that for a couple days. The Lizard and I clocked some quality TV time.

Saturday we headed out to the PipeSnails residence for meat, cherries, awesome salsa, and alcohol with a varied crowd of keen folks. My contribution was mainly making (and drinking) sangria with a guest appearance by a large bottle of cider. My plan to go out and dance all night without sleeping was cut short by my passing out at 9:30pm and sleeping straight through to the next morning. Oops.

Sunday included brunch with moonlight_mile, whynotsteve and mycrazyhair, camping gear purchasing (gazebo!) and then bubble battling with mycrazyhair. Then another BBQ at the CrazySteve(*) residence, where I discovered that I can't really get drunk drinking only sangria - the sugar from the juice and fruit will do me in long before the alcohol gets to me. Also, my hatred of my pager was renewed.

Monday, my back decided that it hadn't liked friday's workout and made me stay home missing BBQ #3 and games at Bastadgairy. Instead, I stayed home and played Civ3 all day and sweated.

Now I am at work, and I still have canadian flags painting on my thumbnails.

*Now starring moonlight_mile!
Tags: booze, update

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