Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Boo, I say.

Boo to insomnia.

In other news, I am planning a shopping trip for Sunday. Anyone want to come with me?

Things I need/want for the downtown leg;

  • cheapass luggage cart

  • rubber soled tabi

  • a new gi, and a pair of kung fu pants

  • sarongs!!

  • ribbon for sarongs

If time allows, there will be a Canadian Tire run, Zellers, and a trip to visit my parents, too.

Since I'll be heading downtown on a sunday, there is a distinct possibility of dim sum or similar goodness.

I have a plan for a costume for the masquerade at KScope. It only quires a very small amount of sewing, and making a new mask... My only concern with my plan is that the wings may not be a good idea near an open flame. Must remember to remove wings before getting drunk.

I still cannot sleep.
Tags: creative_projects, insomnia, kscope, planning, sleep_hates_me

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