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I slept well last night, and woke up 13 minutes before my alarm, which
means I recall my dreams.

I dreamt, first, of being in a finished basement. I was a spy of some
sort, and there were "terrorists". There were a lot of people being
held in the basement. My partner and I had a plan to escape. We both
laid down on the floor, by the stairs. When one of our captors, a fat
white man, came down the stairs, I grabbed him, and threw him onto the
nearby couch. I pinched his nose shut and held his mouth closed. He
struggled and vomitted profusely before choking to death on his own
vomit. I was concerned about the smell and realised that the couch
would have to be thrown out. At that point, I realised that he was
lying on both Zil and I's velvet coats, and my full length leather
trenchcoat, both of which were now ruined.

I took the fat man's handgun (a small automatic). The other hostages
had escaped by this point. Another terrorist (a guy in a tux - this
was all taking place at some awards ceremony, I think) showed up, and
I shot at him. It was the last bullet, so I had to reload. I pullled
back the top of the gun, and dropped in a handfull of subway token.
When I fired, since there was no gunpowder, the spring (?) just kind
of popped the tokens out a foot, where they fell to the ground. The
terrorist was distracted enough, though, so we got away.

In my next dream, there was a party that I wasn't welcome at, and
someone I care about shunned me. This dream was unpleasant.

In my last dream, the POV shifted to a kid, very much like Chris
Griffen from the Family Guy. He/me was trying to scam an elderly
woman out of her life savings by getting her to change her will. This
was not being done very competantly. He/me was talking to the old
woman, who was leaning on her walker, when a large chunk of her hair
fell off. It looked like a dreadlock. When it hit the ground, it
turned bone white and degraded into powder. This was apparently
really horrifying for some reason, and the kid freaked out. Then I
woke up.



Jul. 14th, 2006 06:05 pm (UTC)
it turned bone white and degraded into powder
Be wary of deals made with zombies, they are not worth the skin they are written on...

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