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Shows I am planning to go see in the next while;

Ayria @ Savage Garden, Fri Sept 1
Ladytron @ The Guvernment, Tues Oct 2
Oktotenfest, with Bella Morte and several bands who are not Bella Morte @
Funhaus, Sun Oct 15

I've got my ticket for Ladytron already, since its the one I think is most
likely to sell out. corwin77 and neeuqdrazil you've
both told me that you really liked what you've heard from Ladytron, even if you
don't recall the band's name. Amusingly, this show was originally scheduled for
the Docks. I am becoming convinced that I will never need to know how to get to
the Docks, since every show I want to see there gets moved.

Everyone else, wanna come keep me company at any or all of these shows?
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