Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

KScope recap: day 1

Wednesday, mycrazyhair and I headed out only an hour and a half later than we had meant to, and arrived only an hour later than we had meant to. We knew we were heading in the right direction, because the sky was a sort of pale blue-silver with sun everywhere except one direction, where a black smear went across the sky right down to the horizon - naturally, this was where we were going. We drove through heavy rain, and made it to the campsite in a gap in the weather. We got our tents up, and ate. I did a small ritual to start the festival off. Then, it started to rain. Hard. Really hard. Then mycrazyhair discovered that her tent wasn't as waterproof as hoped. Between her, tormenta and I, we got a tarp over her tent. Next , we noticed that the gazebo was leaking. So we grabbed the water-damageable stuff and I took it to my tent, which was, of course, waterproof, being a canvas tent. Not so much, as it turns out, especially when the windows are open. I closed the windows (accidentally dumping the water that had collected onto them into my tent), and got help putting a tarp over my tent. I ran around staking down the tarp over my tent when the others returned from their swim. As it happens, the site was now well-equipped to go swimming, as there was a lake forming where northbard and tormenta had their tent. We managed to move their tent a little further from the forming lake, and get a tarp over it, too.

We'd just finished getting ourselves set when someone came by to let us know that there was a severe weather watch, with possible tornadoes, and that we were all to get either in a car, or to the gazebo. We elected to go to the gazebo.

Once there, I dealt poorly with crowds, and more or less fell apart, quietly. I decided that I was going to make other people unhappy, so I skulked off to sulk by myself for most of the time, until the warning was lifted and we went back to our wet tents to sleep. The tarp proved sufficient to keep any new water from getting into my tent, and my sleeping bags and clothes had soaked up most of the water inside. I still had enough dry bedding to sleep on, so it wasn't too bad.
Tags: camping, doomed, kscope, whine

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