Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


So, this Monday, September 4th, is Pirate Day. I, and others, will be going to The Pirate Festival.

We need to work out a time to go - it's open from 10am to 7 pm. I'm thinking early afternoon, maybe 1 or 2 pm arrival time?

We need to work out how we're getting there - directions can be found here and here (note the second link says something about there not being parking during the Pirate Festival). I am thinking the Bathurst street car sounds like a good route down, at least for us locals. Do we want to meet up somewhere first and stage a take-over of a streetcar en masse, or go the easier-on-logistics route of just meeting up down there?

mycrazyhair, do you have something we can use as a flag pole for the Jolly Roger? If not I'll find something before Monday.
Tags: pirates, planning

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