Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Weekend update

Behind these cuts is contained a brief summary of the weekend that was.


Friday night after work, I went home and puttered around, until neeuqdrazil came home. After a bit, we were joined by our geusts for the weekend, athenalindia and her husband The Redheaded One (referred to as TRHO from here on). We chatted for a bit, then went for a walk down to Passione, our favourite Italian place. I'd been craving thier gnocci al pesto for weeks, and was pleased to finally get my fix. After that, we wandered back to Beta Colony for some Veronica Mars.


Saturday started off fairly slowly with breakfast at the Village Restaurant (our local greasy spoon), and some more Veronica Mars. Eventually, (too late, in retrospect), I got myself moving to do some last minute party prep. I ran home to make gelatin and do laundry, and didn't quite have enough time to remove all my stubble before dinner. The four of us, plus mycrazyhair, headed out to Mezzetta where our perfect timing had us back at Beta Colony by 6:30.

We would have been perfectly on schedule had I managed to get all my shaving done in time. As it was, it was only with the help of neeuqdrazil, mycrazyhair and grrlgoddess that we managed to get me done up by 9:00. At one point, neeuqdrazil was doing my nails while mycrazyhair did my makeup. I maintain, however, that the end result was worth the effort.

We made it to the party around 10:30, and much fun (and cosmopolitans) were had. I intend to write more on the experience of being in drag later, but for now, suffice to say, it was weird having tits. The party was a blast - thank you, poeticalpanther for having it, and Happy Muffing Day again!


Sunday we got ourselves moving faster than I would have thought possible, and made it down to Chinatown early enough to get dim sum before the crowds arrived - yet again, we made it through faster than usual.

After that, we said goodbye to athenalindia and TRHO, and I headed out to play D&D in Hamilton. Amusingly enough, my character ended up getting a sex change in the course of the game.
Tags: gamenerd, genderbending, update

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