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BodyProject Update

The good;

Despite somewhat slackish ways of late, I'm getting distinctly stronger - I'm
hitting a stage where most of my weights are either going up, or I'm able to do
more reps than I have been. I'm finding a new routine for workouts that I think
will work for me to get enough cardio and weights in.

The bad;

My weight is going up, too - I'm up 5 pounds from where I'd stabilized a couple
months ago. Some of that might be muscle, but some of it is likely due to the
sesame snacks and chocolate almonds my boss keeps on hand. I need to find the
willpower to not eat them. I do much better at not bringing such things to
work or home, but if someone else does, I have a very hard time not eating them

Also, the only class I was doing at the gym, BodyCombat, has had it's evening
sessions cancelled due to low attendance. Unlike most gyms, since mine is in
the building here at work, most people use it during the day, with much lower
attendance after 5pm, and those who do workout then aren't the sort of people
who do classes, for the most part. This means I no longer have even crappy,
half-assed martial arts, and I'm going to have to try to get that fix

Realistically, I'm not going to manage more than one, maybe two martial
arts classes a week on top of my gym workouts. I've got two potential clubs in
mind, neither of them fanastically easy to get to for me - one in Oakville (the
club I went to when I was younger, and where I got my brown belt), and one in
Toronto around Dupont and Ossington (the F.A.C, where among other things,
there's Jeet Kune Do with a teacher I liked, and the option of trying out other
things from time to time). The F.A.C. is a lot more expensive, IIRC. I still
need to find out if commuting to Oakville a couple times a week is worth the
monthly fee, or if the extra driving will be annoying enough to talk me out of
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