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more video card adventures

So I took my defective card back to the store. Maintenance guy put it in their test machine, and confirmed it's bustedness. He got a new card and put it with the old cables and sent me off.

I got home, put it in, and got video for about 5 minutes, until I touched something and lost it - the cable was bad, and I couldn't get the connection back.

So I ran back down to the store (delayed 20 minutes by a broken streetcar), and got a new cable. Before I left, he put the card and new cable in the test machine, and they worked.

I got back home, and excitedly put the card in. Nothing. No signal on either monitor. Fuck. Figuring that I might have a dead AGP slot, I put the old card back in. Nope. That one still works fine, except that after 2-3 minutes it's insanely hot. So the slot is fine. The card and cable should be fine.

They just won't work *for me*.

I cannot figure out what I have done wrong.

I was supposed to spend today being productive around the house. Instead I have spent all day trying to get my video card working, and failed.

I have a ticket for a concert tonight, but I think I am too tired and cranky to go. I am going to go back to repeatedly poking my new card and seeing if somehow it will decide to work again. If not, I may have to give up - if the card etc. work in the test machine at the store, I'm pretty much SOL. In any case, I won't be able to get down there until Saturday next week, most likely.

*sigh*. Fuck.

Edit at 6:30pm

Victory is mine!

Another reboot and some wiggling, and it's working!

I'm going to have dinner, and reconsider that conert (there are 6 bands, only one of which I care about, so I'll happily be late)
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