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Tuesday night I dreamt that I was at a banquet of some kind with a large number of friends. We were seated at a big round table in a large hall. One of us got up and mentioned that zie couldn't afford the banquet, so zie was going to wait tables to cover it. Zie had on black pants, white shirt, black vest. Zie came by with a platter with a kitten on it. Zie laughed and went to remove the kitten, when the kitten scratched zir arm. One claw went right through the shirt and cut zie arm like a scalpel. A drop of blood landed on my plate. Zie turned and walked away.

Last night my brain took a break from its steady diet of dreams of rejection and abandonment, and put me at a big high school reunion type thing. There was a big spread of food, and people I hadn't seen in years. I had a paper plate of food, and was lounging around. I think I have gotten so tired that I am dreaming about being tired and wanting a nap. At one point I was lying back on a metal railing with my feet hooked to keep me upright. I went back to the tables to get more food, and everyone I had been talking to left the room, and turned the corner before I could catch up.

Okay, now that I think about it, that dream was about rejection and abandonment too. Dear brain; I get it. Now shut up. I have enough angst while I'm awake.
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