Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Body and Fuel

I think I need to start using our bodyfat %age scale at home more often. My weight has been creeping up slightly in recent weeks. On the other hand, my strength level has been going up, and as far as clothing sizes go, if anything my waist feels smaller. So there's at least a possibility that I'm packing on a bit more muscle. The scale should tell me if my body fat %age is staying constant.

After (vegan) Thanksgiving, I ended up going vegetarian for a week. I got halfway through the week, realised I hadn't had any meat, and decided to go for the rest of the week that way. On the whole, it wasn't that hard, except for eating out. I ate at the cafeteria once, and at a Milestones once. Both times, I could find a couple vegetarian options, but nothing that was both vegetarian *and* healthy. Vegetable lasagne and squash raviloi with cream sauce are both tasty, but both too high in fat and too low in protein.

I'm still going to try cutting back on the meat, but I'm still not switching fully for now. I'm also making a [tmi]
specific effort to eat a lot more beans/lentils to get my guts to adapt - it's been two weeks, and things finally seem to be settling down.

As for this week - I've not been to the gym nearly enough. In part, this is because I've not been sleeping nearly enough. My shoulders (especially the one I keep injuring) have been quite sore, and my lower back is aching. I've has a throbbing headache for two days, likely due to either the shoulders or the caffeine I've had to have to keep going.
Tags: bodyproject, caffeine_is_bad_for_me, food, tmi, vegetarianism

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