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Earliest morning yet - my body decided to wake up shortly after 5. The upside is that I made it into work at 7:30, so I should be able to leave at 3:30.

Unfortunately, it looks like my dreams are trying for a theme this week.

The dream staretd innocuously enough. I was driving on the 401, but a section was under heavy construction - the asphalt torn up, and just gravel and dirt laid down. I ended up forced onto an off ramp up onto a hill. The scene shifted, and I ad left my car behind, and was now going through the hills on a motorcycle, but the engine was having trouble on the hills, so I was having to peddle - apparently it was a dirt bike moped of some kind.

I made my way to a slightly run down small house in on a hill in the woods. Around this time, the protagonist shited and was no longer me. The house was hosting some kind of party filled with teenagers - there was pot and alcohol around, though I didn't smell either.

The party got increasingly wild, and I decided that it was time to leave before I got involved. Around that time, a bunch of younger kids showed up, but there was something wrong with them. They were somehow possessed/evil, and, shortly everyone else at the party was, too, and we had another zombie apocalypse on our hands. Along with the other 2 or 3 survivors, we ran, and went down into a finished basement and blocked the door.

There, there was some sort of zombie demon nanny woman - an older woman with grey hair and a floral print dress. There was an older couple down there, and the evil demon nanny was... well, it was unsettling and would not have been out of place in a hentai. The phrase "Look at her, taking it from a witch!" was used, and various body parts did things that they shouldn't. I woke shortly after that, feeling somewhat unclean and unsettled.

I think night__watch is right about the dangers of the inside of my head.
Tags: dreamtime, lovecraftian_doom, sleep_hates_me, wtf?

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