Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Huh. Ow.

A headache so bad that a dose of extra strength tylenol AND a dose of extra strength advil barely touched it. Lights, especially fluorescents becoming very painful. Nausea.

So, that would be one of those migraines all the kids are talking about these days? Fun.

I had to leave work early, and thank goodness that it was so dark and overcast today - had it been sunny I wouldn't have made it, and would have had to hide out until dark.

I came home and promptly fell dead asleep for three hours. I think my difficulty sleeping is catching up with me. Of course, due to the nap, I'm not ready for bed yet, despite it being officially "too late".

(on an unrelated note, how did I get a blood blister there?)
Tags: medical, sleep_hates_me, tmi

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