Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Just a quick update... hopefully more will follow in the days to come.

Quick summary by day;

Friday; the train was 90 minutes late, so we missed the meet-n-greet, which meant we did not get the program or map. This caused problems later. We spent $30 on two sandwiches with fries for dinner at the hotel. By the time we got to the venue, we'd missed Captain Matt's Armada, and the fashion show. We spent the night sitting in a corner being tired, grumpy and anti-social. Bella Morte kicked much ass.

Saturday; the day started with the vendor's bazaar and the a.g.f. seminars. We didn't know when things were, since we didn't have a program thing, so we went downstairs immediately, without eating. Liz had 2 things she wanted to go to, so she went to those once we'd picked up programs and our t-shirts. The c8 shirts are nice.

For those who don't know, I don't do well without food. I figured I could wait until 2, when liz had finished her 2 seminars. I wasn't, quite. I got paranoid and began to quietly flip out. I left the vendors bazaar because people were looking at me. Liz decided to not go to her second seminar at 1, and went to get hair extensions put in instead. So I wigged out when I couldn't find her.

But then we went and got poutine and lousy hamburgers, and I started to feel better. I bought a big buckly bracer.

Then the LJ dinner, which was hampered a bit by the fact that the place didn't have a kitchen; they had to get some guy to walk the food over from somewhere else. The people were nice, though.

The concert-ness sat was good; Swarf rocked my socks. I danced, and got bouncy for a bit.

Sunday; We went straight away for breakfast, then went roaming downtown Montreal. We finally found me a vague approximation of a "Proper Montreal Bagel", which made me happy. Then we went back to the hotel and zoned for a few hours. Next was the Mainson Hantee dinner, which kicked tremendous booty.

The club night at Foufs was good. I got to dance some, though not quite as much as I would have liked. I finally managed to get a bit drunk, after trying half-heartedly all weekend, but I wasted it being a bitter passive-aggressive drunk for 15 minutes.

People took both my and neeuqdrazil's picture; me, for my "Nice boots..." shirt, and Zil because a) she's gorgeous, and b) she got wiiings.

I think we managed to make my absolute bare minimum on the socialization range, while staying just under her absolute maximum.


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