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I had this plan. Since I was taking yesterday off, and the car needed to go in for maintenance, I would combine the two to minimize inconvenience. After some am/pm confusion, I got things worked out for an appointment. I dropped the carr off Monday night, discovering as I did so that the service centre no longer stays open until 9, but rather closes at 6, so I was on my own to get home. Fine, I had a token and got on the bus.

At 4pm yesterday, they call me, and tell me that nothing has been done to the car due to a power failure in the morning, but they'll get to it early Wednesday.

At 5, another guy calls, with no knowledge of the first guy's call. Says Wednesday is pretty full, and the first guy didn't put in an appointment. How's Thursday sound? I can drop my car off Wednesday night, and they can arrange a loaner...

But my car was already there, and I was already on my way to meet neeuqdrazil, and wouldn't be able to get there before they closed. Guy #2 said they'd look at it Wednesday.

So, today I woke up at 5:10 am, got out of the house by 6:30, caught the 7am shuttle to work, got in at 7:30. I'll have to rush my workout through at lunch time, and eat at my desk. Then, at 4 I will catch the shuttle back to TO, then TTC it out to the dealership, and hope that a) I can make it by 6, and b) it's actually done. If it isn't ready I'm going to go anyway and demand a loaner, because seriously, this is a big PITA. I'm expecting I'll end up at home around 7-ish, mkaing it more than 12 hours away from home. I am *not* doing this again tomorrow.

Last time I had to go three times just to get a frikken oil change. I'm starting to think they just don't want business. I go to the dealer because I'm lazy and don't have any idea what exactly I should be doing to my car on a regualr basis, but this is getting ridiculous.
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