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Random bits;

We got our server/ghost, the sadist, at the Maison Hantee to run around with a d00m bee in Montreal.

I have my first Mage portrait mostly done. It's all ink so far; a bit on pencil will be added for shading.

I have 95% worked out how to password protect journal entires for Labyrinth. I may be mailing out username/passwords soonish.

I really need to send my dad a birthday card; his birthday is tomorrow. And fathers days is soon.

I have lost my loaner decent laptop bag. I am, for today, back to the duct tape laptop bag. Grr.

To the gym tonight!

I am still run down; I keep feeling hungry, but I've eaten more than I should have already today.

I think tomorrow night will be veg out and write journal night. Maybe watch some of the new zim I have downloaded.

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