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I've been remiss at logging my reading...

Probably out of order. I hope I haven't missed anything - among other things, this list is supposed to help prevent me buying books I've already read.

The Hallowed Hunt by Lois Mc Master Bujold

Mmm, Bujold. I really like the theology for this ficton.

The Hidden Family by Charles Stross

Book two in the Merchant Princes series. I liked this one much more than the first, and that's saying something. The main romantic relationship was clarified in a way that covered my problems with it in the first book. Also, Stross manages to make economic theory interesting, and with much fewer words than Neal Stephenson did in his Baroque Cycle.

Accelerando by Charles Stross

Why yes, on my last book store trip I did buy a bunch of Stross. Accelerando is Stross' most direct take on the Singularity and Posthumanism. I want utility fog! I am not sure I want an omnipotent cat, though.

The Atrocity Archive by Charles Stross

Imagine Tim Powers' Declare if written by Neal Stephenson after reading a lot of Lovecraft, in England. British Lovecraftian geek spies. I devoured this one like a Shoggoth, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the next book.

Oracle's Queen by Lynn Flewelling

A good, clean end to a good series. I can't stress enough how much I enjoy fantasy series that actually end, these days. Yes, there are unanswered questions and unexplored story gems. That's fine - those are different stories. Good stories need to have endings.

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

So much goodness! I leanred a lot, and will likely re-read this periodically as I make my glacial progress on my own comics experiments over on mrdeth. I really need to get ahold of McCloud's other two books.

The Magician's Reflection by Bill Whitcomb

An examination of symbolism in a magical context, with the aim of developing systems of symbols for a magical system. I've been getting a lot out of this, but I have had to put it down for a while to read other things.

Techniques of Chaos Magic by Joseph Max

The nice thing about online works is how easily they are downloaded to my futurephone. This is worth reading if you've any interest in Chaos magic.

If I can finish off the book I'm currently reading (American Backlash: The Untold Story of Social Change in The United States), I'll have made 20 books this year, which is a decent showing for me in a year where I've read this many non-fiction books.
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