Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Oh shit.

Nine times out of ten, mocha means "chocolate with some coffee flavouring". The other time, it means "chocolate with condensed, highly caffinated coffee in it". Guess which of the two the mocha cake I had with dinner last night was? Guess who didn't sleep last night? Guess who has a screaming liver, an upset stomach and a headache now?

Whoops. I'd been drinking when we got to dessert, and ddin't figure it out until, gaving spent all night tossing and turning, my heart started pounding like a jack hammer (though it's actually only going at 75 instead of its usual 60 bpm). My hands are shaking. Argh.

Reminder to self: NEVER eat mocha cake. EVER.

Me != smart.
Tags: caffeine_is_bad_for_me, dumbass, i_ate_what?, sleep_hates_me, whine

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