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Caecern: The Seven Kingdoms

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The Seven Kingdoms

To the north of the Solari Imperium are the Seven Kingdoms; Anganar,
Kahlmark, Seryonne, Thuneslande, Beresia, Ilberenia and Magrayev.

Each of the Seven Kingdoms runs on the classic feudal model, with a
military aristocracy ruling over peasants. The ruling classes are
expected to be prepared to go to war and mobilize their smallfolk, but
none of the seven could be said to have a standing army in the same
sense that the Solari Imperium does.

Each of the seven are run by their own monarchs as independent city
states. However, there is considerable intermarriage between the
royalty of the Seven, and, at present, some solid diplomatic
agreements. First and foremost among these is the Solari Pact - all
of the Seven Kingdoms have sworn to come to each other's defense
against attacks from the Solari Imperium. Military scholars know
enough of the old Solari strategy of "divide and conquer" to know
that, while one of the Seven Kingdoms could be defeated by the
still-sizable Imperium, all seven pose to big a force to attack.
Think in terms of Greece defending itself against the Persians.

This doesn't means that the Seven are all good friends - there are
frequent wars and skirmishes over borders and territories, and there
is little question that many within the Seven would like to see
themselves installed as monarch of all Seven Kingdoms.

Geographically, Beresia is the furthest south and west, bordering the
Solari Imperium to the south, and extending further west. The western
borders of Beresia come under periodic assault from tribes of
barbarians and "monster" races (orcs, goblinoids, etc.) Beresia is
considered the wildest and most backwards of the Seven Kingdoms. It's
also landlocked.

To the north of Beresia is Magrayev. Magrayev has some of the same
problems with the wilder elements that Beresia has, but the cultural
effects of the northern ports and the lower desirability of the plains
to the west of Magrayev allow greater breathing room. Magrayev trades
both with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and the various ports to the
north in the Dragath Fol region.

East of Magrayev along the northern coast is Ilberenia. Ilberenian
trade relies more heavily on the sea than any of the other Seven
Kingdoms. Ilberenia is also the smallest of the Seven, and maintains
its independence through diplomacy and economics as much as pure
military might. Ilberenia also has the strongest middle class in the

South of Ilberenia, bordering Magrayev, Beresia and Thuneslande is
Kahlmark. Kahlmark is landlocked, and is home to a number of
well-known mercenary companies. Kahl universities have a great
reputation across the Seven Kingdoms - Kahl tutors are highly valued
among royalty, and Kahlmark is home to more than its share of sages.

Surrounding Kahlmark to the south and east is Thuneslande, stereotyped
as industrious, dour and humourless. The second largest of the
kingdoms by area, Thuneslande is also home to the most rigid and
disciplined of the orders of wizards in Caecern, the Mages of the
Cobalt Tower. Thunish armourers are highly regarded, and Thunish
knights tend to wear heavier and more elaborate armour than others in
the Seven.

East of Thuneslande is Angamar. Angamar has a strong monarchy, and a
less complicated government than the rest of the Seven. The fortunes
of Anagmar fluctuate significantly with the competence and strength of
the current Angan monarch - in other Kingdoms (Thuneslande, for
example), there is a more mature bureaucracy that ameliorates the impact
of the monarch's ability. Angamar also boasts the headquarters of the
Arcane Order, a loosely organized guild of wizardry. The eastern
border of Angamar is in constant flux as the crown fights skirmishes
with the various highland clans.

South of Angamar, extending almost to the southern sea (stopped only
by a narrow band of the Solari Imperium) is Seryonne. Seryonne is
considered the most sophisticated of the Seven Kingdoms, and sports
a complicated aristocratic structure. Seryonnian cities are known for
thier intrigue and romance, and are home to many duelists and
swashbucklers. Seryonne and Angamar frequently dispute thier mutual
border. Seryonne is the closest to the Solari ports on the southern
sea, and so has access to more varied spices and other imports from
the south and east than the rest of the Seven. Like Angamar and the
Highlands, Seryonne's eastern border with the Lakelander
Principalities are under constant dispute. The Lakelanders are
currently managing to keep Seryonne from gaining thier own port on the
southern sea, controlling the last area before the Worldcrown
Mountains make such a place impractical.

Fashion in the Seven Kingdoms is about what one would expect for a
medieval setting.

The majority of the population of the Seven Kingdoms is human, though
there are strong minorities of halflings, elves and dwarves. Magrayev
and Beresia also have notable half-orc populations.

Religiously, the most prominent god in the Seven is Luathas, god of
Purity, Perfection and Excellence. The cult of Lacothas (god of
Death) also has a solid foothold in the Seven Kingdoms. The centre of
the Luathan Church, as well as the headquarters of the Luathan
Knights, is in Seryonne. The Lacothan Order, a military branch of the
cult of Lacothas has it's headquarters in Thuneslande.
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