Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


I am home sick today. I came down with a fairly high fever last night, and while it has come down, it hasn't gone away.

I haven't had a fever like this since university, when I spent a week wrestling Pierre Trudeau for the Canadian flag. My fever dreams/hallucinations (some of it definitely happened when I was awake) were a little more odd this time. I was rolling and bending three distinct realities together, twisting sharp corners and soft curls. One reality was Agni, the Voice of Fire, with which I spoke. Another was Earth, and the third was wind and water. In shaping these realities, I was constructing a perfect world through unassailably flawless economic models.

You hear that right - I hallucinated Lovecraftian economics. Thankfully, I cannot recall the details now, or it would surely drive me mad. Also, I have stopped hearing the answers to my telepathic questions before I ask them.

My brain, it is weird.
Tags: cyclopean, ick, lovecraftian_economics, lovecraftian_horror, sick, ugh
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