Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Bits of stuff

I am becoming aware of having a finite number of spoons. The implications of this have not yet sunk in.

I have been x-rayed and fluid-drained this week. I seem to have successfully removed my needle squick entirely now - no panic response now.

I managed to win not one, but two games of pool last night. I still suspect that athena_51 and metawade may have been letting me win. When it comes to pool, though, I will take what I can get.

I haven't been sleeping enough, and have been running on caffeine for over a week now. The chest pains on my right side have set in. I am going to have to stop this soon. Withdrawal will not be fun. I am awake thanks to weak coffee right now, but so jangly that I cannot focus for more than 10 seconds.

I have a large number of e-mails to reply to. I am working on trying to get to the backlog.

I had a very emotionally intense weekend. Many good things resulted. Life does not suck.
Tags: caffeine_is_bad_for_me, cryptic, medical, random, squicks, update

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