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Top Fives

You all know the deal by now.

Comment and I'll give you a topic for either a top five or a top ten.

mylostmarbles gave me this one; " five foods you wouldn't eat even if you were paid to."

I went directly to Steve don't eat it for this one. Most of the more obscure foods are there.

Morally speaking, my usual limit is sapience - I will not eat anything that can ask me not to. That said, the following are all beyond my gag limit.

  1. White vinegar. The smell makes me retch. I think drinking it straight would cause projectile vomitting.

  2. Natto. Sorry, fermented soybean semen is off the menu.

  3. Cuitlacoche. Rotten fungus infected corn? No thank you!

  4. Silkworm Pupas, or any other tinned insect in sauce. I might eat a chocolate covered ant, but runny, snot-like larvae? No!

  5. Reproductive organs. I am not interested in a big mouthful of bull penis when the bull is alive, I am no more interested when the bull is dead.

An honourable mention goes out to brains and eyeballs. Yes, I would rather eat an eyeball than drink vinegar straight.
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