Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Top Fives

You all know the deal by now.

Comment and I'll give you a topic for either a top five or a top ten.

macman47 gave me; Top Five hair colours, and why.

  1. A really intense red. Head turning, and fades better than most other inhuman shades. It's the most adaptable, and I seem to attract more women when I have red hair.

  2. Blue! Nothing says "My hair colour isn't human!" like blue hair. It's arguably the furthest from a natural shade.

  3. Purple. Like blue, but gloomier.

  4. Black. Because I am just that goth. (I'm so goth I shit bats)

  5. White. Real white is almost impossible to do without it being natural. I'm hoping to have snow white locks when I'm old.

Tags: meme, top_fives

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