Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Top fives

You all know the deal by now.

Comment and I'll give you a topic for either a top five or a top ten.

neeuqdrazil gave me " Top five gadgets you'd like to own."

  1. Teleporter. No question, this would be the most useful gadget to own EVAR. It would make my social life so much richer, eliminate my commute, and, if I had the only one, provide me a lucrative career as a smuggler.

  2. Seven League Boots. Then I could job to KW! Not as convenient as a teleporter, but think of the exercise potential.

  3. Neural jack. I've had enough of this typing stuff. Just dump the knowledge straight into my brain. And hook my dreams *directly* into my LJ.

  4. Light sabre. If you don't understand why, you never will.

  5. A *good* cell phone/music player/organizer/PDA/etc device. No, the iPhone isn't good enough.

Tags: meme, top_fives
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