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Dreamtime: lots of dreams

Big dreamtime report this time - I've had this post open accumulating point form notes for a while.

The first dream was a flying dream. The mechanism was different than most of my flying dreams - this time around, I flew by pointing and extending my will along the line I was pointing. Having learned to fly, I went to a place that was simulataneously the ROM, the Science Centre and the Rennaissance Festival. I think I may have been dressed up somewhat. I was definitely there with friends, or possibly just one woman - I thin kthere were others implied off-screen.

The place's closing time came up, and the rooms all started to fold in on themselves, shifting and folding for night time storage (the whole building reduced to a fraction of its size), and the unnamed woman and I rushed to escape before we were crushed. The security guards were angry and belligerent. The woman and the implied others got in a car to drive home, while I flew. The landscape was white, and the water of the river we were travelling next to was purple, a dark amethyst shade. I flew down near the water, and there was a bit involving fishing line and an enormous green fish/dragon with oversized scales. I left the fish behind and flew on.

Later, we realised that we had to go back to the museum science fest place and as we snuck in, I realised a few things. All the others with me (still no one besides the woman got screen time) had their own powers, and the security guards were ogres. They were big monsters who shape-shifted when people were watching. They had been chasing us, and the attack fish was one of them in disguise.

In another dream, I was in an office with faded, worn fabric covered cubicles, everythign in shades of beige and brown. I was fixing code on a mainframe system, pathcing a production issue of some kind. The business contact came by and said something, and then a pushy, loud consultant came by and was very irritating.

Later, it became clear that I was working in KW, except KW was still called Berlin, and had much more pronounced German influences. I was somehow invovled in the mayoral race in Berlin - there was a scene in front of a gray building with pillars, and a middle-aged man in a long black coat and a fedora, and a barrage of flashbulbs.

Over the weekend, I dreamt of going to ACUS. For some reason I had to fly to Detroit before the con. I flew there and back without incident.

Cut to corwin77 and at the border, in my car. We are talking with the border guard, and things are going fairly well - the guard is friendly and helpful. We're talking about things, and the guard mentions that it's a long drive, and asks us if we think we'll make it by nightfall. I'm confused, and say that it's not *that* far to Detroit.

The guard's manner changes immediately. Suddenly, he's played by Sherrif Lamb from Veronica Mars. It turns out that when I flew, the travel agent filed something saying that the trip was in preparation for driving to San Francisco, instead of Detroit again. Now, we were in trouble for lying and being suspected terrorists.

We were taken into a room somewhere, in a house. Lamb and another guard (a shaven headed man who looked somewhat like a younger, slightly paler George Foreman) were interrogating us when the door opened. A teenaged girl in raver clothes came in, obviously high, and walked over to the wall, and leaned against it head first. As it happened, there was a high school house party going on here. The guards smirked, since they were going to get to bust the party up, too. They ignored the girl.

Cut to "downstairs." There was a bar, and an open wall, like an entrance to a mall. I was leaning against the bar. Lamb looked across the room, and went to interview someone about me - that someone was Dr. House from the tv show. I warned Lamb that it'd be fun interviewing House, since House is an ass. I wandered away into the lving room.

In the living room, a guy was forcing himself on a teenaged girl. My first instinct was to hit the guy, but I was afraid that comitting violence would get me into big trouble with the guards. Instead, I yelled loudly, and people came to see what the noise was, and so the guy was stopped. The girl escaped, and the guy was pissed.

So pissed, in fact, that he pulled out two fancy knives, and came after me. The other teens were shocked. I still wanted to avoid hurting the guy, so I tried to play defensively. I trapped and locked one of his hands, but didn't manage to execute the throw I wanted, and was left with a grip on his left hand, over my left chest, while he stood behind me with his right hand knife poised above the base of my skull. The lock on his hand held him temporarily, but my hold wasn't great. The cops/guard arrived and had guns pointed at us. He slid his left knife into the meat of my pectoral, and I leaned down and pulled the knife out with my teeth, dropping the knife on the floor. Using my grip on his hand, I slid down and pulled him off-balance. The cops shot him before he could stab me in the spine. I looked at the bloody mess of my left hand and blacked out.

The scene reopened in a crappy hospital. I was bandaged and in bed. My left pinky finger had been shot off. corwin77 was with me, and we were looking through a newspaper, deciding what we would do with our time before going home. There were a few film fests going on. The first was soemthing like "Boobfest", being all movies about promiscuous blond women in low cut outfits. The second was enitely movies starring men who looked like Weird Al from his "Fat" video. I realised then that corwin77 and I had missed ACUS entirely due to the mess, and was sad.

This morning's dream started with me in a math class at a university. ice_scratchin_b was there with me, as was another person, P., from high school. I was distracted, trying to help someone with a math problem, and did not have all my attention on the lecture. I dropped my wallet, and several cards fell out (credit cards, driver's license and student ID card). P. picked them up for me, and was goign to hand them to me, when the prof intervened.

Due to university regulations, no ID transferring could take place in a classroom, so the prof sent P and I out into the hall so he could give me my ID and cards back. I followed P. into the hallway, but lost him in the crowd immediately. I stood stunned briefly, then went back in. P. was there with an annoyed prof. I went back to my desk, but now my notebook had gone. I looked around trying to find it, causing disruption in the class. As the class ended, me without my notes or ID, the prof pulled me aside and questioned my dedication and ability, and if I should be there at all.

The scene shifted, and we were in a dusty, empty room with dry hardwood flooring. The scene was coloured in a red-sepia tone. The prof took me over to a corner of the room where the floorboards werre loose and missing. At this point, the POV shifted to third person, and "I" was replaced by Emilio Estevez. The prof pushed Emilio's face down into the hold in the floorboards, and the camera angle shifted to show the contents of the hole.

Everywhere under the floor was a seething mass of white maggot/worm things, pulsating and squirming malevolently. As my/Estevez' face was pushed in, a scream was muffled my bugthings. The critters entered my head through every orifice and infected my entire body. I turned over, all my hair gone, and my skin white and seething with the wormthings crawling just below the surface. My eyes were covers by a thin layer of skin, also full of maggot-critters.

It was clear by now, of course, that there was some kind of evil brain worm conspiracy afoot.

There was a brief flash of a zoomed in view of the bug things, brown microbugs crawling around.

The new bug-me gestalt went out the next day to the zoo, where I used my newfound wormpowers to mess around with the animals - I had some kind of nanotech power, and was changing the shape and colour of the animals to suit my whim.

I went back to the class where it was revealed that P. and many other class members were worm-infected as well. The prof was furious that the worms had chosen to give me the nanotech powers. In the back of my head, the worm-free me was screaming as the worm-me went about life.

And then I woke up.

I have messed up dreams. I think I liked the shape-shifting ogres better.
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