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The last of the top fives

You all know the deal by now.

Comment and I'll give you a topic for either a top five or a top ten.

selfishidol gave me; Top Five Things you hope to accomplish/have accomplished before Mort stops by.

My first instinct was to make all five sex-related. My second
instinct was to remove all the sex related options and go from there.

  1. Sex. There are a lot of sexual things I want to do before I'm
    done. Most of you probably don't want to know what those things are.

  2. Sanity. It'd be nice if I could corral my inner demons.

  3. Art. I want to create piece of art that is as powerful in reality
    as it is in my head.

  4. I want to make enough clothes to wear an outfit consisting of nothing but hand made clothing.

  5. Svelte. I'd like to be able to get rid of my gut.

top ten (TOP TEN) things you believe in.

  1. The finality of death.

  2. The blind, uncaring ignorance of the universe.

  3. The scientific method as a good process for building a working
    model of reality.

  4. Magic.

  5. The capacity for Man to change zir environment.

  6. The capacity for Man to change zir zirself.

  7. Basic equality among humanity - no one race, gender, culture or
    orientation has a lock on awesomeness.

  8. Exercising helps make colds go away faster.

  9. Love is not a finite resource

  10. Doom.

but I'll give you an out, if that really doesn't cut it for you, top ten things you *don't* believe in.

  1. My own worth as a human being

  2. A omniscient, omnibenevolent, omnipotent god

  3. Intelligent Design

  4. Homeopathy

  5. Ghosts

  6. That people are basically good.

  7. That sex is sinful.

  8. Sin at all, for that matter.

  9. Salvation.

  10. Vampires.

Top 5 fictional vampires.

  1. Don Simon Ysidro from the Barbara Hambly books. I just realised
    it's probably been more than 15 years since I read these. Me == old.

  2. Peter Loew from the movie Vampire's Kiss

  3. Count Orloff from Nosferatu. A cheap knock-off of Dracula, yes,
    but I love the visual effect.

  4. Spike from Buffy

  5. Nothing from PZB's Lost Souls. So... self-absorbed! He wears all
    black because his teenaged angst is so dense, its gravity absorbs light.

Top Five places for Lunch in Downtown Toronto :)

  1. Salad King! My favourite Thai place. Has a spice scale that goes
    to 20. (10 is "stomach may get upset", 15 is "are you sure?" I
    usually go for 5, and I like my spicy food) At Yonge + Dundas

  2. Dim Sum! Available all over the place in Chinatown, my favourite
    is Rol San, on Spadina, across the street from Bright Pearl (BP is the
    place with the big stone lions. Rol San, OTOH, hasa big plastic
    yellow sign saying "Now Serve Dim Sum"). Rol San has the bonus of
    making dim sum to order, rather than picking things off of carts,
    which I find I prefer.

  3. Finn MacCool's. A pub chain (there are at least 2 in Toronto, and
    several in other cities under different names). I love the boxties,
    and the fact that I can get a proper pint of guiness and a boxtie, and
    be in and out in about 30 min. The one I prefer is at Yonge +
    St. Clair. (A boxtie, BTW, is a potato pancake stuffed with either
    steak + guiness stew, or chicken tikka masala)

  4. Licks! Pape and Danforth is still downtown, technically, right?
    Delicious, and it can be healthy if you order that way.

  5. Street Meat. AKA hot dog carts. A guilty pleasure, of dubious gastrointestinal
    safety, they're everywhere, and very much a part of the Toronto
    experience. Most of the ones in Toronto even have veggie dogs these days.

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