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Interview meme!

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

pipesdreams asked me;

1. Best and worst memories of high school? (And yes, it if you
choose to cite our woefully aborted attempt at going on a date as the
worst sorry sorry sorry)

While the romantic serenade you got from your sax-playing boy the
Valentine's Day after our undate wasn't fun, it was far from the worst
moment of high school.

I picked up some unhealthy coping methods for dealing with depression
that year.

Earlier, I was so introverted and messed up that I couldn't make sound
when I laughed for a few years. While there were good bits mixed in
there, I was sufficiently messed up that I didn't really experience
even the good things very much.

High school sucked a lot for me.

On the up side - while I was pretty depressed in OAC, I spent that
year starting to deal with the messed-up-edness that had run my life
up to that point. I squeezed 5 years of social learning into that
year, and there were some good moments there.

There were even a few bits where stuff I learned had my mind whirring
with "but, wait, then that means...!"

2. Picture yourself at age 65. Theoretically, re about to retire
and enjoy your sunset years. What do you hope will be the conditions
of your life, and who do you hope to be with?

I hope I'm financially stable, and in good physical shape. I hope I'm
still partners with neeuqdrazil, and I hope we're still
happily practicing polyamory. By 65, I should be able to look at
another 15-20 years if I'm looking after myself, so there will still
be a lot to do.

3. Why the boots? Why so many? \

Boots fit my feet better. An orthopedist recently told me I have
planar equiitis (no clue if I'm even close on spelling), which affects
how my feet bend. Shoes put pressure on the instep of my feet to an
uncomfortable degree, while boots don't. As for the quantity? I am a
variety whore. I also have half a dozen long black coats.

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends do you have at the moment, and
how many would you estimate you have had as your personal

I'm in four relationships right now, with varying degrees of resource
allocation. Life total? I've been involved with 11 people in my
life. Just over half of those in the past two years or so.

5. What, if anything, do your parents and extended family members know about your lifestyle choices?

My immediate family know I'm poly, though they don't know I'm
bisexual. I've told my brother that last bit. I told them because I
wasn't comfortable with the distance all the things I wasn't talking
about was putting into our relationship. They have voiced a desire to
not hear about it, and so I basically don't talk to them as much now.

The extended family doesn't know, nor does Zil's family.



Apr. 22nd, 2007 03:58 am (UTC)
Favorite style of role play: Anything that allows you to truly concentrate on character development and not dice and stats. I hate dice and stats. I just get lost in the numbers.

Favorite drink: White Russian. There's justs something about the combination of the cream with alcohol. Whiskey Sour is second. Really good bourbon is third.

Magic house: Good question. One door to my family. One door to London Englad. One door to a nice inexpensive resort in New Zealand. One door to an indefinite food/water/medical supply facilitye. Fifth door...hmmm....

Learn: I'd like to learn how to play classical guitar.

Thing I wanted to tell someone: "Fuck off your an asshole" to a couple of ex-boyfriends that treated me poorly and I put up with it. There are lots fo things that come to mind with this question, but this is something I wish I had had better self esteem for.

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