Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

update on me, flesh-wise

So, on doctor's advice, I have been taking advil twice a day. That, along with taking some time off from the gym means that I have healed quite a bit. I have eased back into going to the gym, and this week brought weights back in. Some new stretches from sharifah seem to be helping my messed up shoulder quite a bit. Tonight, I went dancing, and while it was a pretty slow dancing night at Savage instead of dancing for 6 hours at Funhaus, the fact that my spine seems to be intact is a good thing.

On the down side, I forgot my keys and had to wake Liz up to let me in. Liz puts up with a lot, living with me.

Also on the down side, I have put on quite a bit of weight, and even with the return to exercise, I am having a really hard time getting back to a sane amount of food consumption. I went to put on a sarong today, and found that it wouldn't go around my swollen midriff any more. I'll need to make sure to put ties on the sarongs I bought at kscope last year so they will accommodate my huge tract of land.
Tags: bodyproject, dancing, medical

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