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Tonight, I went to see the Mudmen, hard rocking bagpipe music. The doors were originally scheduled to open at 8, with the show starting at 9. At 8, we were told the doors would open at 10. The band did not play until 12. They played 4 songs. Good, but short. I wanted to buy CDs, but none were for sale, despite the (empty) merch table - I have been trying to restrict my music buying to shows where the band gets a better cut.

The show, sadly, was at the Rebuplik, on Richmond near John.

Phrases uttered (by me) during the course of the night;

"you must be at least this tall to rawk", indicating my nipples - most attendees would therefore not be permitted to rawk.
"I have sperm older than you"
"I have had pubic hair longer than you have been alive"

Some kid tried to pick me up with the line "do you have an accent?"


Seriously. I am too old for this shit. I spent a lot of time scowling.

olletho, you and B. dodged a bullet.

When a mosh pit appeared, I, who while overweight does not qualify by most people's definitions of "large", outmassed any three other mosh pit people.

A sad, sad showing. I was the only audience member in a kilt. Shame, Toronto, shame.
Tags: kilts, music, too_old_for_this_shit

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