Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

long lost interviews

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

ice_scratchin_b asked me;

1. Name a song that you enjoy that would totally shock those of us
that know and love you... and why.

People always seem to be shocked that I like the Cranberries. My
favourite poet is William Butler Yeats, and my favourite Cranberries
song is Yeats' Grave.

2. Best video RPG ever?

Hrm. Since it's the last one I played obsessively, I will say Dragon
Warrior 3.

3. Best pen and paper RPG ever?

Amber DRPG.

4. If you were a character from Star Wars, who would you be... and

Nameless Jedi #43. Being nameless lets me run far away from Lucas'
script writing while keeping my light saber.

5. Moral compunctions aside, if you could get away with one crime, no
reprecussions, what crime would you commit?

Tags: interview, meme

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