Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview Meme

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

bridgeoutahead asked me;

1. What's the easiest body art, overall, in terms of maintenance, pain
on acquisition, etc. in your opinion?

Piercings are easier to get, but hurt for longer, and require
maintenance much longer. Tattoos take longer and hurt more to get,
but after a few weeks of dry skin during the healing process, require
no maintenance.

2. What kind of body-work workout do you like the least, but do anyway
because it's beneficial?

I hate doing lower body workouts. Squats, lunges, hamstring curls,
etc.; they're boring and take a long time to go through, and don't
have the immediate ego boost upper body workouts give. However, I
don't want to end up as one of those guys with a big chest and arms
and little toothpick legs, so I push through.

3. I've heard what your dreams are about - but what are your dreams
like - in colour, b/w, spot-colour? Realistic?

I dream in full colour, always. They're accurate and realistic in the
way my mind's eye always is; similarly, when I am awake, I can often
get a clear mental picture of something, but hard a hard time pegging
down details when I want to recreate the mental image.

4. What is your ideal/preferred poly relationship involvement in terms
of the number of partners/lovers?

One primary, a few (2-4) secondary serious relationships, depending on
frequency and degree of seriousness, and the occasional fling or
hookup here and there. More to the point, more than 4 secondary
relationships would turn the secondary relationships into random
flings and hookups based on lack of time and energy anyway, so an
effort must be made to make sure I don't overcommit myself.

5. Tell me about one thing you've accomplished that you're really
proud of that was all about you and no one else.

Oh sure, give me a *hard* one... Erm. My art, I guess.
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