Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interests meme

via bridgeoutahead;
"Comment here and I will mention three interests from your profile I'd
like to know
more about.
You are then welcome to post your answers in your own journal and
spread the luv. :)"

She asked me about:


Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game, based on the Amber series of
novels by Roger Zelazny.


The squiggly three-dimensional design that holds The Courts of
Chaos together, and provides initiates with mystic power in the Amber
books and game. :)


"Memory", one of Odin's ravens from Norse myth. Hugin (thought)
and Munin would travel the world, and return to Odin with news. I
have tattoos of the two ravens planned for my shoulder blades.

Tags: interests, meme

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