Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Gamenerd, Caecern map

I know something needs to go in spot #14, in between Neren and Shenthara, but I'm not sure what. I want a nation strong enough to keep the Nereni from expanding Eastwards, but peaceful enough that they won't be too expansionist themselves. I can't think of any more niches to fill for humans, and all the standard demi-humans have niches. I don't want to use any of the "monster" humanoids races, because they'd be more of a conquering type. Anyone have any suggestions? I pondered making it a nation of half-elves; I don't want half-elves around as a breeding biproduct, but half-elves could have come about in other ways. I'm not entirely sold on that idea, though.

  1. Solari Imperium

  2. Beresia

  3. Thundeslande

  4. Seryonne

  5. Angamar

  6. Ilberesia

  7. Kahlmark

  8. Magrayev

  9. The Highlands

  10. Lakeland Principalities

  11. Dwarven Stoneholds

  12. Shenthara, the Elven Sanctuary

  13. The Worldcrown Mountains

  14. ??? Something needs to go here, I am not sure what

  15. Brenaddin, Gnomish Homeland

  16. Neren. The red dot is the capital city of Nen.

  17. Gethlyn Territory

  18. The Shattered Lands

  19. The Elven city of Eldruthar. The last remaining city from the Elven Empire.

Tags: caecern, gamenerd

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