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GameNerd: Caecern: Dragath Fol

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Dragath Fol

Continuing my widdershins exploration of Caecern, we move past
Shenthara, and skip across a chunk of map that I haven't figured out
what to do with to the region known as Dragath Fol. The southern
coast of this region is inhabited by the Gnomes, as previously
mentioned. The central portion is the Human kingdom of Neren. The
western area belongs primarily to the Gethlyn.

The region of Dragath Fol is suffused with magic; most of the
sorcerers in Caecern were born here, and it is the only region where
psionics are a significant factor (my campaign uses "psionics are
magic"). It's also a favourite area for dragons, who enjoy the
magic-soaked atmosphere. The reason for the mystic aura is tied to
the big magical cataclysm that formed the Shattered Lands and ended
the Elven Empire.
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