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good news/bad news

Good news: LJ seems to be allowing posting again!

Bad news: my car got broken into while in the garage last night

Good news: they only broke the small rear window and pulled out my backpack, which was on the seat. The dumped the backpack and took two bottles of prescription meds which have no street value. (one thyroid pill and maybe half a dozen low strength ativan pills)

So, the thief got nothing for his trouble, and I have a mess of broken glass to clean up and a window to replace. neeuqdrazil called the police, and someone is supposed to call us back later to take our report over the phone. She's on the line with the insurance company now. I'm fretting.

ETA: See True Crime pictures here. The insurance company told us not to bother filing a claim, since the repairs should be less than our deductible.
Tags: asshatery, car, crime!, there_is_a_god_and_he_hates_me

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