Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Little bits.

I think I may be getting a handle on this life thing. It's almost making sense these days.

There are a lot of truly fantastic people in my life.

The Prestige was a fantastic movie.

Thursday is Midsummer, the summer solstice. I feel I need to do something to celebrate that, but I haven't figure it out yet.

Tomorrow work's sending me to Hockley Valley for "Activity day". My plan is to show up at 10:30 or so, after sleeping in and maybe going out for breakfast, and then playing board games until 3, followed by going back to the office to workout. I should still end up home early, if all goes as planned. I am giving serious thought to wearing my kilt.

I don't have a decent "happy" icon. I think it's time to change that.
Tags: boardgames, introspection, kilts, there_is_a_goddess_and_she_loves_me, wonder

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