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Last night I dreamt that I had gone back to school. It was U(W), but, not like the real one. Less science/ambition and more geek/nerd. There was a mandatory Latin test that everyone had to pass to graduate (much like the *actual* english test students are required to pass; no class, just a test.) To avoid having to study, I ate this cereal that contained nanites to imbue one's brain with knowledge of Latin. This wasn't "cheating"; it was a valid way to pass the test. The cereal looked like bran buds but tasted like more like nutty brown sugar.

I went to the room for the test, and instead we, as a group, were writing an open letter to the Catholic Church. The opening paragraph was a quote from Babylon Five, G'Kar quoting a passage from the book of G'Kwon. Parts of the letter included latin phrases; I recall seeing Lorum Ipsum Sit Dolor (not real latin, I know, but it was a dream), and watching the letters blur and reform into the english translation (which didn't match the real one). The nanites also translated someone's LJ name for me as I read. When I looked up, I realised that the prof was a Narn. Because the school was just that nerdy.
Tags: dreamtime

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